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mobila bad

Annonsör: Martin Publicerad: 2017-10-23 14:24. Stockholm, Södertälje,
Telefon: +37129931734

mobila bad
The circular barrel bathhouses are easy to transfer, fast to set up, easy to use, easy to groom, compact, as well as they are available in different sizes and sets. The circular barrel bathhouse biggest priority is that it is fast to set up, the transferring is very simple as well as this type of bathhouse takes up little space so it is also perfectly suitable for small territories.

The oval barrel bathhouses are made after an order and they stand out not only with their special design but also with that they are perfectly suitable for people with special needs so everyone could enjoy the relaxation brought by the bathhouse. Same as the round barrel bathhouses the oval barrel bathhouses uses spruce wood as well as bitumen shingle roofing, stainless steel hoop, both steel and stainless steel bathhouse furnaces, monolithic concrete and other materials. Compared to circular barrel bathhouses the oval barrel bathhouses are broader therefore will be loved by people who like spaciousness and additional comfort.
Telefon: +37129931734. E-post:

Pris: 33 000 kronor.

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